24 Hours Pharmacy Spiral CT Scan
Mother and child monitorMortuary with cold storage facility
OPD Physiotherapy
Casualty 24 Hours. General ward for male, female, pediatric patients.
Labour Theatre Semi Special Rooms.
Minor Operation Theatre Special Rooms.
3-Major Operation Theatres Deluxe Rooms.
ICU A.C. Rooms.
ICCU Eye surgery facility with operating microscope
Dialysis Seminar Hall.
NICU Library.
Laboratory Canteen.
ECG and TMT Room CSS D Department
Ultra Sound Colour Doppler Ambulance Service
Digital X-Ray Ayurvedic section with OP, Pharmacy, Panchakarma treatment facility.


Casualty is directly accessible from the emergency entrance. Adjacent to the diagnostic section CT Scan X ray, Ultra sonography and Laboratory

Minor operation theatre:

The minor OT is directly accessible form the emergency entrance and equipped with anesthesia machine for minor procedures. Attached to the casualty section.

Operation theatre complex:

There are 3 major operation theaters, equipped with anesthesia work stations, monitors, c arm diathermy and necessary instruments. One theatre is reserved for highly sterile procedure and another for obstetric emergencies. Dirty corridors are provided for all theatres to segregate sterile and non sterile things. OT is attached with pre operative area and post operative intensive care unit CSSD: central sterile supply department is equipped inside the Operation theater complex

Adult intensive care unit:

Equipped with ventilator, infusion pumps and central oxygen and suction.

Our lab is fully well equipped laboratory.

Here we have:-
1. ABX 3 part cell counter
2. Biochemistry Analyzer
3. Electrolyte Analyzer
4. Florescent Microscope
5. Monocular & Binocular Microscope
6. Elisa reader & washer
7. Urine Analyzer
8. Fully Automated Analyzer